Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chilled Soya Pudding, Prangin Mall, Penang

Do you like to eat soya pudding? There's a shop selling chilled soya pudding in Pragin Mall, Penang. I have tried once in some time ago, and i have revisit this place. This time, i found that they have a new item, there is Bear Bear jelly as on option to be added on your chilled soya pudding. There were about 8 different flavour of soya to choose from, original taste, cocoa, black sesame, almond, carrot, sweet corn, pandan and coffee. For the sugar syrup, you can opt for brown sugar, cane sugar and jasmine tea sugar. For topping, there were choices of Bear Bear jelly, gingko seed, pineapple, peach, rambutan, longan, jack fruit, pearl ball, Nata De Coco and etc. They were varies of package where you can mix the toppings and they name it as Gingko Seed series, Pineapple Series, Peach series and etc. This time, i choose for the Bear Bear Jelly + Pearl Ball series which costs Rm 4.50. I have opt for almond flavour soya pudding with cane sugar.

Aren't the Bear Bear Jelly cute?

A closer look of the Bear Bear Jelly

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