Friday, August 29, 2008

A Little Dim Sum Place, SS2

Went to this restaurant on a Saturday for a breakfast. They are having All You Can Eat for Rm22.80 per person, not included drinks. This is only applicable on every Saturday, Sunday and public holiday, 9 am til 2.30 pm. And the food are limited to 30 choices.

After check out the menu, saw that one of my favourite dimsum is included in the menu so i give it a go.

Here it is, my favourite one--Avacado wrap. Look at the avacado butter fillings.Its so yummy.The outer part is wrap with the fried bihun like crunchy stuff. Sweet & crunchy..

Follow on is egg tart. They came in bite size. But the egg fillings were so creamy.Never get enough of this.

Carry on with the scallop dumpling. I selected 2 orders for the first go. U can clearly see the big juicy prawns but the scallop is quite a small piece one. This is still a very nice dimsum.

Sharkfin dumpling. Im not sure if there is any sharkfin inside but it does taste good and meaty too.

I have ordered a porridge with century egg and pork. Well, this is not really a good one. It tastes like the white porridge were boiled separately where the fillings were only added later on.

Coming on is the glutinous rice with chicken and mushroom. Not really oily for this one. Not bad.

This is a plate of steamed spareribs. Fresh and juicy. The soup gravy is so yummy.

Deep fried prawns with mayonnaise. It goes well with the mayonnaise.

Shrimp Cage. There were tiny cheese together with prawns in the fillings. But could hardly taste the cheese. Probably the mayonnaise cover it taste when taken with it.

Fried dumpling. A meaty one. Goes well with the ginger vinegar. Already too full to actually taste it.

We ordered 2 headcount of jasmine tea. Total bill came in RM51.25 for two. Is it a worth-go.?U decide it. It depends if you are or not a big eater or a big dimsum lover..


Baby said...

passed by many times but never go in and eat before.

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

u shud try the something egg pau. that one is damn good! I cant remember wats the name for it. but its really good!

angelyee said...

baby>>maybe u should go in and try some day..Either than all you can eat..Take their ala-cate instead.

wetwetwater>>I tink u meant the sunshine bun.I tried it in some day before, not to my liking..Too sweet for that.Its included in the all you can eat item too.

Xjion89 said...

ooo, then, did u try all 30 choices? I am really into egg tarts!(^^)

angelyee said...

xjion89>>haha..Only 2 person.Cant be able to finish 30 dishes in one time..

reanaclaire said...

wow..not bad.. must go with an empty stomach..then worth it...where is it, btw?

angelyee said...

reanaclaire>>Yup.U better go with an empty stomach if u would like to stuff more into ur stomach.The restaurant is same row with the SS2
Kei Tak Sik Dessert or Shabu Shabu King.
The address is 12, Jalan SS 2/63
47300 Petaling Jaya

Simon Seow said...

Woah, I like avocado. Will surely give it a try.

angelyee said...

simon>>im sure u will like the avacado's my favourite dish..

Loke said...

the dim sum looks great but is it delicious?

renaye (

angelyee said...

loke>>the dimsum is really delicious..

Johnny Ong said...

it really depends on how much can u eat. if u can eat a lot, that price is worth it, otherwise its better to go ala carte

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