Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jogoya, Starhill KL

Jogoya is currently having buy 1 free 1 promotion for supper period from 1st August until 28th August 2009 and some other promotions. Its my first experience to Jogoya although this is quite a popular japanese buffet restaurant since 3 years ago in Starhill. If you were to be a Jogoya VIP, you will have special priviledges to enjoy their Alaska crab, special fish, flower tea and etc as they will place a card on top of the food stating that its only for VIP members.
There were large spread of sashimi, sushi, oyster, oriental food, grill, haagen daaz ice-cream, chocolate fondue, cakes and dessert, coconut drink and also few variety of cocktail and etc.

Each table were given 3 paper clips with your table number to place your order for dish which is cooked upon order.

Ever popular coconut drink

Loads of sashimi and oyster
One of my favourite dish. You can opt for bacon wrapped with enoki mushroom, fresh scallop, crab, fish, prawn and vege and placed in the paper made steamboat.There were variety of soups to choose from to give boil to the seafood. The soup turns out to be so tasty.
The 3 small round sushi on top which served with green and yellow rice. Left bottom is the shark fin and on the right bottom is sumtin like half-boiled egg
Fried tempura..great taste when consume with the sauce
Dunno wat is this called..sum shell series..but taste good
Crab dish but the gravy is really sweet
Lala with chinese wine
Coffee coated mochi with cholocate filling..a very yummy one..
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Best Friend Wedding

18th July 2009, my best friend wedding dinner held in Ipoh, Restaurant Mun Chung. This is a very special day as our besties all gathered together to celebrate this happy day of hers. Though we suppose to attend her wedding dinner in Singapore on 28 June 2009 but then she decided to have another dinner held in Ipoh, where more friends can attend this memorable day of hers. Lucky to say i missed the Great Singapore Sales, and to accumulate more bullets for my upcoming trip.

Only manage to take the starters of the dinner. There's even green agar-agar at the bottom of the food..Yummy..

Friday, May 8, 2009

EE Chinese Cuisine, Eastin Hotel

I have not been blogging lately, checking through my pictures, there were quite some pictures which i have yet to post up for sharing. Still remember some time ago, through the courtesy of my friend, she treat me to EE chinese cuisine in Eastin Hotel for dimsum. The dimsum range is from RM7 to Rm15.. Pictures speaks all...Have a look...

GUN TONG GAO (dumpling)with shark fin in the soup
Chee Cheung Fun

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Korea Yea Won, Ipoh

Sometime ago, went back to my hometown in Ipoh and visited this korean restaurant. My mum recommend this korean restaurant as she visited it before. The atmosphere in the restaurant is not smoky at all though bbq were served right in the restaurant. There were like most korean restaurant where you can choose to be seated at dining table or elevated floor which you need to take off your shoes and seat on the thick cushion.

As usual, every korean style meal will be served with free refilling side dishes.
One of the side dish served were blood cockles.
We ordered the barlea tea, RM3 for such a big jug.
Staff in the restaurant help us to grill the meat that we ordered. The set come with onions, and enoki mushroom.

Served with varieties of refillable vegetable to consume with the meat. You can use the vegetable to wrap in the bbq meat and added with sauce, garlic, onion & enoki mushroom, whichever that suits to ur liking. Korean rice cake , it is kinda chewy
Bibimbab - Korean style mix rice
Complementary soup which came along with the bibimbap

Address of the restaurant:
Restoran Korea Yea Won
6, Jalan Medan Ipoh 1C,Medan Ipoh Bistari,
31400 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 05-546 5779

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Redang Trip (22 - 24 March 2009)

My first Redang trip was to stay in Redang Reef Resort. Being told that we were the only 2 visitors for the day.. Haha.. More privacy or more lonely..
Late at night on 21st March, catch the latest bus (10:30pm) to reach Kuala Terengganu next day in the early morning. Around 6 a.m., receive call from Redang reef driver to fetch us to take a rest in their office in K.T. He is so nice to offer to bring us breakfast at 7a.m. then only to take ferry at 8 a.m. as the ferry service only starts at 9.30am to redang reef.
Early morning in the Kuala Terengganu China Street (Tong Yan Street)
Redang reef Office in Kuala Terrenganu

Ferry ticket from Sejahtera Services Sejahtera Ferry to bring us all towards Redang Island.
In about an hour, reach Redang Island.
Beautiful long beach Angelyee in Redang Island

Redang reef front view

Two storeys's of room for guest.

Need to get yourself a life jacket and a power mask + snorkel for myself Scenary behind Redang Reef Resort
Wearing power mask
Wearing power mask + snorkel

Snorkelling trip in Marine Park.

After back from snorkelling trip, its time for tea time.They serve us fresh fried curry puff. Still hot and crunchy though we went back quite late. Well, since we are the only guests for the day, we do not need to hurry back for any meals as food were prepared and reserved on table. Though our package is stated meals served as buffet style but since there's no other visitors there today. Meals were served as ala-carte style..

3 dishes for 2 person for lunch
Fruit only for 2 person(Lunch) Dinner was also 3 dishes. Quite large amount for 2 person. Din manage to finish all.

Greeny but yet sweet honeymelon for dinner

I have my own blog at last....