Monday, June 23, 2008

Karen Kong (SHOWTIME VOL.2)

Calling all Karen Kong fans or anyone who interested to know her, this is to inform you that there will be an album pre-launching sale on Sunday (29/6/2008) for Karen's upcoming mandarin album (表演Vol.2慶功改版專輯)

Date: 29 June 2008 (Sunday)
Time: 2p.m.
Venue: One Utama, Old Wing (Stage)

All the songs recorded in the previous album and four new recorded songs will be incorporated in , one of the songs is , which is playing in the radio channels right now. Apart from this, a number of Karaoke MV will be included in the album as well, such as
  • and so on..

    Besides all the songs and MV , a piece of car sticker will be included in the album package as well. The car sticker is nicely designed and most importantly, it is LIMITED.

    A set of postcards is giving away to those who place their order from the album pre-launching sale in One Utama. With the set of postcards, you are entitled to go on stage to get Karen's exclusive signature on the postcards. If you are unable to make it to attend the event on Sunday, you can also place an order from any of the CD outlets within the weeks of album pre-launching sale.

    For more details, you can refer here

  • Kocha Taiwanese Delight

    Continue to blog about my Penang Trip.
    I went to this Taiwanese style restaurant which claimed to have the traditional taste of Taiwanese food for a lunch.

    Browsing through their menu, found out they are serving set lunch which include main dish, vegetables , soup of the day, rice , drinks , fruits & desserts.
    I have order 1 set of Kimchi Pork Slice in Hot Plate for myself and another set of Stewed Pig Hind Trotter for my companion.

    This is my set of Kimchi Pork Slice in hot plate. The set serves with 2 complimentary vegetables, soup of the day, rice (Ru Rou Fan = rice with pork sauce topping) and a tangerine flavour jelly dessert. The kimchi have a sweetier and less spicy taste than the Korean kimchi. It is simply delicious.

    This is the set of Stewed Pig Hind Trotter. The sauce have a very equal sweet & sour taste and the meat is so tender and juicy. This is a very delicious dish and cant resists to go for another bowl of white rice to finish up the remains.

    We make a selection of milk tea (so creamy as if i am drinking horlicks) and red tea with honey. Together with the set came a plate of complimentary fruits.

    Address: 229, Jalan Burmah,
    10350 Penang.

    Tuesday, June 17, 2008

    Penang trip

    Few days ago, i went for a penang trip. These are few pictures taken in Gurney.

    U shall never miss the chance to go for laksa and rojak if u were to Penang..
    So here's my laksa for the day which is quite famous too..

    This laksa stall previously sets their stall in Gurney Drive before they move to this location.

    It is situated just opposite the Penang Chinese Girl's School, in a restaurant named Taman Emas.

    The laksa is tasty but have sort of sweeter taste to the ones i usually consume.
    Other than laksa, they have this fry mini popiah which is quite crunchy and yummy.

    For Rojak, i have chose one of the rojak stall since i have no clue which is the famous stall among all in Gurney drive. That is the picture of the stall. For my surprise,there were slices of cuttlefish in it. There were no prawn crackers but fry "yao za gui" in it. Following is a bowl of ice-cool chendol in a near-by stall.

    Monday, June 16, 2008

    Evangelion- Cool Caption Contest!

    yeah..yeah..Another contest from ABMP !!

    Although my right eye is non-functional, doesnt mean u can try to grab all the Evangelion movie ticket from my site.

    Check it out here ...

    Thursday, June 12, 2008

    Not Your Average Super Hero

    In the old days, this super hero is way too famous as even a 3 year old kid til 80 years old aunty & uncle would know who he is. Most of them could probably show off his trademark of action-posing. One would definitely recognised this as the well-known Wong Fei Hung in the movie title "Once Upon A Time In China". He plays the role who fought for China's rights against the Western colonial powers moving into China in the late 19th century. So here he is my super hero, Wong Fei Hung..But have anyone thought of whenever he break those benches and tables of the road side food stall, will all the hawkers praise him for his help while asking him to pay them back the damage caused..

    I am blogging this to win myself free tickets to the upcoming movie, Hancock, starring by Will Smith.
    What are you waiting for, be fast and post up your very own super hero.More details, refer to Nuffnang.

    Sunday, June 8, 2008


    7th June 2008
    Today is the official opening of my friend's restaurant, Entranze..Such a unique name..where there's a chinese wording together with a logo which resembles "entrance"..
    Any meaning for this name? Maybe it meant for the opening door of all delicious japanese cuisine as the restaurant serves fusion japanese cuisine.

    There she is, the lady boss on the right and also the big tauke in the middle. Not forget to mention her father on the left.

    Such beautiful design there were inside the restaurant as we were told that these photos were taken by the tauke himself (of coz together with sum help from professionals).

    They serves pretty good deal for set lunch too.
    I'm sorry for not posting any picture of the food as my hands and mouth were being too busy to get myself some food. Well..Best thing dont last long.
    If you were to experience urself, do proceed urself to this restaurant.
    P/S : This Japanese restaurant do not serve sashimi. They only served cooked and grill foods.

    Address : 3-1, PJU 5/3 sunway Damansara, Kota Damansara, 47810, PJ.

    A picture taken with the lady boss, together with my old time school mate..

    Karen Kong in Halo Cafe

    On a Thursday night, I got a call from my buddies asking if im interested to go Halo Cafe, Sunway branch. Well, since i wont be working tonight nor tomorrow.. so why not ??
    When we arrive, my other buddies have already been seated-- the front and middle seat to the stage.
    I guess this is just not an ordinary outings where friends came out just for a chit-chat.
    There must be someone special coming over here to perform tonight..
    And i'm one of my buddy is the loyal supporter of Karen Kong and he would never miss the chance to be present in each of her performance..
    Actually, the main purpose she came over to Halo Cafe is to lend a hand on the Szechuan earthquake donation.Other than performing 2 song, she is so kind enough to raise an auction with her most favourite hat which she worn it in her first album. ERM...u guys must be guessing who is the lucky winner for the hat.. well...need to tell meh..who else ??

    Wednesday, June 4, 2008


    As a frequent subscriber to one of my kaki's blog, simon. I came across this contest which organize by AMBP. U just need to answer 3 questions, complete a slogan, post it in your blog and you will get yourself a chance to win Normal Season PS1 Dreamz double passes.
    Not to forget to
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    Wohoo... I have an excuse to go Genting ...

    Who is the professional image consultant dishing out juicy tips on how to look your best at's Lookin' Good section?
    Wendy Lee

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    Attending Dreamz will be a dream come true for me because my dream can never be fulfill without a glance of how beautiful and stunning a white lion & a blue-eye tiger can be.

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    I have my own blog at last....