Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Redang Trip (22 - 24 March 2009)

My first Redang trip was to stay in Redang Reef Resort. Being told that we were the only 2 visitors for the day.. Haha.. More privacy or more lonely..
Late at night on 21st March, catch the latest bus (10:30pm) to reach Kuala Terengganu next day in the early morning. Around 6 a.m., receive call from Redang reef driver to fetch us to take a rest in their office in K.T. He is so nice to offer to bring us breakfast at 7a.m. then only to take ferry at 8 a.m. as the ferry service only starts at 9.30am to redang reef.
Early morning in the Kuala Terengganu China Street (Tong Yan Street)
Redang reef Office in Kuala Terrenganu

Ferry ticket from Sejahtera Services Sejahtera Ferry to bring us all towards Redang Island.
In about an hour, reach Redang Island.
Beautiful long beach Angelyee in Redang Island

Redang reef front view

Two storeys's of room for guest.

Need to get yourself a life jacket and a power mask + snorkel for myself Scenary behind Redang Reef Resort
Wearing power mask
Wearing power mask + snorkel

Snorkelling trip in Marine Park.

After back from snorkelling trip, its time for tea time.They serve us fresh fried curry puff. Still hot and crunchy though we went back quite late. Well, since we are the only guests for the day, we do not need to hurry back for any meals as food were prepared and reserved on table. Though our package is stated meals served as buffet style but since there's no other visitors there today. Meals were served as ala-carte style..

3 dishes for 2 person for lunch
Fruit only for 2 person(Lunch) Dinner was also 3 dishes. Quite large amount for 2 person. Din manage to finish all.

Greeny but yet sweet honeymelon for dinner


summer said...

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andersonchong said...

i went redang last year too, miss the crystal clear water...

angelyee said...

summer>> thanks for the recomendation..But i book through the person in charge of the redang reef resort.

anderson>> i miss redang now already..the water is really crystal clear though i went in early bird season.

Anonymous said...

I was at redang from 22-24 April! When I saw the date on the title, I thought it's the same days, but I realized that you went in March.. haha..

Redang was awesome huh? =D

angelyee said...

kenwooi>>wat a coincidence of the dates..haha..but not the month..which resort u stay in?

Redang is rely skies and crystal clear water..definitely a wonderful site for vacation..

Anonymous said...

stayed at Laguna! =D

Hooi Miin said...

Hi, may i know how was the weather & the wave in Redang during you visit from 22-24 March?

I have my own blog at last....