Sunday, June 8, 2008

Karen Kong in Halo Cafe

On a Thursday night, I got a call from my buddies asking if im interested to go Halo Cafe, Sunway branch. Well, since i wont be working tonight nor tomorrow.. so why not ??
When we arrive, my other buddies have already been seated-- the front and middle seat to the stage.
I guess this is just not an ordinary outings where friends came out just for a chit-chat.
There must be someone special coming over here to perform tonight..
And i'm one of my buddy is the loyal supporter of Karen Kong and he would never miss the chance to be present in each of her performance..
Actually, the main purpose she came over to Halo Cafe is to lend a hand on the Szechuan earthquake donation.Other than performing 2 song, she is so kind enough to raise an auction with her most favourite hat which she worn it in her first album. ERM...u guys must be guessing who is the lucky winner for the hat.. well...need to tell meh..who else ??


Simon Seow said...

Wei, meeting Karen Kong don't ask me along :p

angelyee said...

Ok Ok..Next time if i know earlier..will notify u ya..:)

MikeMikeMike said...

Who is Karen Kong?

angelyee said...

mike>>check it out in her friendster

I have my own blog at last....