Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Penang trip

Few days ago, i went for a penang trip. These are few pictures taken in Gurney.

U shall never miss the chance to go for laksa and rojak if u were to Penang..
So here's my laksa for the day which is quite famous too..

This laksa stall previously sets their stall in Gurney Drive before they move to this location.

It is situated just opposite the Penang Chinese Girl's School, in a restaurant named Taman Emas.

The laksa is tasty but have sort of sweeter taste to the ones i usually consume.
Other than laksa, they have this fry mini popiah which is quite crunchy and yummy.

For Rojak, i have chose one of the rojak stall since i have no clue which is the famous stall among all in Gurney drive. That is the picture of the stall. For my surprise,there were slices of cuttlefish in it. There were no prawn crackers but fry "yao za gui" in it. Following is a bowl of ice-cool chendol in a near-by stall.


andersonchong said...

eh...go penang takde ajak.takde tabao for me oso..zz

MikeMikeMike said...

I live in Malaysia for a quarter century but never been to Penang before :(

Simon Seow said...

wei, never ta pao for us one.

angelyee said...

anderson>>take bus go ny la.How to tapao..

mike>>so pity you, never been to penang since ur age nt young d..Always only go oversea diving.

simon>>next time ar..later the whole bus got smell..

andersonchong said...

later the whole bus got smell?ikan masin smell?hehe

I have my own blog at last....