Thursday, July 10, 2008

Aun Kheng Lim Ipoh Salted Chicken

I went back to my hometown a week ago as one my favourite TVB artist is coming over to Ipoh to promote a TVB drama.

When i reach home, there is a pack of the all time famous Ipoh Salted Chicken from Aun Kheng Lim.
Without hesitating, i unwrapped the package and microwave the salted chicken. After 2 minutes, the whole kitchen is filled with the 'Dong Gui' aroma. The herbal aroma is just so tempting.I started to tear out all the parts and behave like a barbarian.Oops, but a slightly tidy barbarian.

Just have a look at the chicken after being torn out by me..So neatly finish although this is my first time to separate out all the parts..There were pieces of Dong Gui herbal contain. Another method to fully utilize the chicken, u can tear out the chicken meat into slices together or just the chicken bone to boil up a very tasty herbal flavour chicken porridge.If you have any chances to purchase one of this chicken, you shall try out this recipe.Its really yummy.

The price of the chicken--Not sure. Few years back, should be RM15 each.


andersonchong said...

The alst pic is ur leftover?heheh
seem nice,but looks a bit "dry" the chicken.

Baby said...

quite nice..

angelyee said...

anderson>>After let me DING 2 min in the microwave ma like tat d lo..But taste very good de..

baby>>yup..very nice

KOKahKOK said...


i ngam ngam last sunday only ate this...bought back from ipoh! hehe....

I have my own blog at last....