Saturday, July 26, 2008

MY FM - Meet the Stars, DJs, and CiB online games @ KLANG

On a Saturday morning, MY FM and CiB Net Station have an event in Centro Mall, Klang. MY FM launch their 500th Pop songs chart while CiB Net Station sets a booth for the public to play their new release game .

There will be few artists who will attend this event which is 龚柯允 Karen Kong, 黄威尔 William Ng, 曾国辉 Tate Chan , Heng & Frankie 滿江汯etc. but my main purpose is to support my buddy's favourite artists Karen Kong.Wherever she goes, 'someone' will just always be there.

In the event, you will get your chance to grab 2 tickets each for the upcoming MY FM 10th Anniversary on the 9th August 2008 in Genting Highlands. Since i will not be free that day, i did not get it for myself, giving more chances to the participant.

I do not stay til the event ends. After taken few pictures with the artists, we head for the Klang Bak Kut Teh.

Me & Mei Yan (My FM DJ)

Isn't she a pretty? She is so skinny in person

Me & Karen Kong

She is just so sweet with her smile. You should see when she sings, sweet face with a wondferful voice. You would never glance elsewhere whenever she sings.

Frankie, me & Heng.

They were from a group 滿江汯 .
Need me to say more?Picture says all. They are just so handsome


Simon Seow said...

Hmm..this reminds me that I still got a post I haven't write yet for local celebrity.

angelyee said...

simon>>will be waiting for your post related to them.

andersonchong said... lots of leng invte me go...ish ish

MikeMikeMike said...

Wah! You so loyal to Karen Kong ar.

Dunno whether she can recognize you or not. Meet her so many times.

angelyee said...

anderson>>If ajak u go, oso u won't go la..Klang wo..

mike>>not many time la..2 time only.Where can remember me la..

I have my own blog at last....