Tuesday, September 30, 2008

HK trip - 1st day (24 sept 2008)

This year on my birthday, I went for a HK trip. My whole journey takes 5 days and 4 nights, starting from Sept 24 til Sept 28. Boarding Air Asia flight directly to HKIA & back to LCCT. Lucky to say that throughout my journey there were only few short rainy sessions and all the time it is sunny day. Why i say so? As i have checked the weather forecast for the whole week and its showing rainy days and thunderstorms occured during the whole trip. On the day before my departure, Typhoon Hagupit hurtled towards the southern Chinese city and all flights departing and arriving HK airport have been cancelled. I rang up the air asia hotline and were told that my morning flight have not been cancelled yet and were told to wait at the airport til further notice. When the time comes by, there were no notice or announcement of the flight delayed or cancelled and the flight came on time and reach HK within 4 hours.

Throughout my journey, I manage to go HK Disneyland, Lantau Island for the Big Buddha, Golden Bauhinia Square, Madame Tussauds, Happy Valley Racecourse, Avenue of Stars, Wong Tai Sin temple and etc. 5 days is definitely not enough to visit HK as there were many tourist attractions, shopping places & night markets. But HK is definitely a very convenient place to walk around as the MTR were connected to different lines where you do not need to get out from one spot to other to exchange lines. Their bus system is very on time and very organize as there were different stands for each bus routes. Throughout my itinery, I have missed the Symphony of Lights which is a show held 8pm everynight which have a combination of interactive lights of 44 key buildings on both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon with musical effects to showcase the vibrancy and glamorous night vista of Victoria Harbour.
1st day in HK -Happy Valley Racecourse (Night racing)

There were this horse statue in front of the Happy Valley Horse racing entrance.

The crowd inside the horse-racing. There were many Tents selling different kind of beers to the crowds. One cup of Tiger beer is HKD30.

Counter for buying and collecting pay for the horse racing bets.

Some food shots in HK

Mango Dessert in Hui Lao Shan.

Chocolate pie from McD HK

Mochi with green tea and red bean fillings from Kee Wah Bakery

The old traditional milky ice-cream van. Din manage to take the picture of the ice-cream.

Krispy Kreme Doughnut.

Some local eateries around Mong Kok.

Ingredients insde the Chut Qin Yat Ding cup noodles which include one egg and 3 small piece of pork.


Simon Seow said...

Didn't gamble on the horse?

angelyee said...

simon>>Got bet la..But just not my day..Din win..They probably wan me to go back for another visit,next time only let me win..

Zah Zee said...

wa bestnyeeee.....nanti nak pegi sane jugak la..pray for me keke

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