Wednesday, October 1, 2008

HK trip 2nd day (25th Sept 2008)

Today's schedule is to go HK disneyland. I often heard that HK Disneyland is such a small place where you can easily spend less than a day there. Since many people giving the same statement, I put Wong Tai Sin into my schedule before visiting HK Disneyland. The MTR station to reach Wong Tai Sin is named after it. This is so easy and convenient.
Next stop is to HK Disneyland. I have bought the ticket earlier in Dragon Hostel which i stayed in as they offer a slightly cheaper price, HKD 285 (normal price KD 295). HK Disneyland will start their Halloween season tomorrow where you can have more Haunted Experience like Demon Jungle and Adventureland Haunted Trail and etc. Although i read about it from their website that this event will only start from September 26 til November 1st, but still i want to go on the 25th September. Why? Because it is my birthday. I get to know that u can go to the City Hall and show them your passport or proof of birthday on that day, they will give you a birthday pin. Whats the use of it?U can wear the pin and whenever the disney character and staff spot u, they will great you Happy Birthday and even take picture with you and sing you birthday song. That's just so great. Never have so many people greated me in birthday before.

Minnie & Minnie Disneyland's entrance ticket.
MTR connected to HK Disneyland.
Disneyland MTR.
At the entrance of the HK Dsneyland.
Me & Minnie.
Disney Parade.

Disney Parade.
Disney Parade.

Lunch of the day. HKD55 one plate

Pear drink

It's a Small World, a new attraction of HK Disneyland. There's a river like path where u were being seated on a boat and pass through all the cute dolls wearing different costumes which represent each of their countries.

Although Halloween season will only start tomorrow, they are having the Halloween parade starting today.

After the Halloween parade, its time to wait for the fireworks. But cant manage to take any of the fireworks photo, as my camera is out of battery.


Simon Seow said...

HKD 55 for that plate of lousy looking rice? Wah liao.

angelyee said...

simon>>Haiz..Food in Hk is more exp than in Msia.Nevertheless, its in the Disneyland.

Zah Zee said... two trip is more excited yg rase nak pegi HK nie...hehe

angelyee said...

ZAH>>yake..simpan je duit untuk pergi..airasia got cheap flight boleh pergi ma..

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