Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bear Bear sweet

Its time to change a new refridgerator in my hometown. And only by then, i made up my mind to throw this long-kept sweets of mine. There were either bear icon or wrapped by bear plastic wrapper. Thats not really much of it, only 4 but i only have 3 picture of it as the 4th one already melted in the wrapper. When i mention long-kept, how long would you think i have been keeping these sweets. I kept those since 1999..haha..The sweets were actually brought back from Japan and kept inside a very cute small-size bear zipped bag before i remove them and placed into my fridge.

This is the lovely beary baggy. Still keeping it.


Zah Zee said...

aiyak....lama gile simpan that sweets..hehehe luckily x ade bau :P hehe

angelyee said...

zah>>keke..tu sweet cute la..sayang nak makan tu..

I have my own blog at last....