Friday, February 13, 2009

The season of Love is just around the corner..In this romantic month, what have you prepared for your loved ones? Want some new ideas rather than just sending flowers, chocolates or etc.. You should just try on this which is just a few clicks away.. , an online dedication, telling the whole world how special she is to you and how much you appreaciate her.

This is the main page of, you can see there were tiny thumbnail images shown. Just a click of it will prompt out the full picture message and your dedication.

This is the picture which prompt out together with your dedication right on top of it.

This is how you make your dedication. Click on the Post Picture & Message in the main page, follow the instructions provided which is the 1st thing, pick up your handphone and Sms LOVE to 36213 to acquire voucher code which only charges you RM1.00/SMS. When you obtain the voucher code, place it in the Voucher Code column. You shall upload your designated picture to upload but shall not exceed 200K. Carry on, put in your lovely dedication into the message column. Fill in the recipient's email and sender's email as a notification will be send out to both the email address to be notify about this dedication.

Bare in mind, this website will stay forever, none of the picture dedication will be removed.

The fun part of this website is you need to search your dedication among all the tiny thumbnail images like the saying goes true love might not just appear in front you, you need to search hard for it.

P/S: This post is being paid by the value of friendship.


Zah Zee said...

wah wah...good site ;)

angelyee said...

zah>>best kan..panggil la bf u dedicate untuk u ya..hehe

I have my own blog at last....